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Welcome to our Antiques Home


Have you ever thought of holding a party in an antique shop? Well, if you are seeking a memorable location for your next get together, our party room could be just what you are looking for.

Unique and beautiful antiques.

We have some truly stunning pieces in our collection of antiques. From elegant china to curiosities from days of yore, there is something for everyone here.
And what better place for a convivial party than in an inspiring antique shop? The intriguing atmosphere of this shop means that our party room will provide a fantastic location for meetings and celebrations.

How can you use the party room?

This versatile events space can be used for any number of different kinds of celebration. So use your creativity and do not hesitate to get in touch with us If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail. We will be more than happy to ensure that your next event goes with a bang.
If you need a little inspiration right now, however, why not take a look at the lists of suggestions below and see if any of them apply to you.

Tea parties.

We all know from 'Alice in Wonderland' that an iconic tea party should include plenty of delicious treats and an atmosphere of mild eccentricity.
So what better location for your next tea party than an antique shop? The fabulous contraptions that line the shelves of the store are sure to provide a talking point as you tuck in to cake, sandwiches and tea.

Baby showers.

It is so important to celebrate news of a new arrival and our party room is a lovely, relaxed spot in which to do so. So send out your vintage baby shower invitations and ask your friends to join you as you gather together to celebrate the bright future surrounded by relics of the past!

Bridal showers.

Everyone wants to have something unique and special to do on their bridal shower. And, we are willing to bet that you do not know too many people who have decided to host their bridal shower in an antique shop.
You can book out our party room as a private place for you and your guests to get together and enjoy cake and champagne. Festoon the room with decorations and dress up in your finest clothing for a party to remember.
We have all heard the rhyme about the four things that a bride should bring with her on her wedding day: 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'. What better place to source 'something old' than in an antique shop, and also don't forget vintage bridal shower invitations.

Come for the party, stay for the antiques.

Whether you are primarily shopping for antiques or whether a party is the only thing on your mind right now, there is no denying that our party room is well worth a visit.
The above list of celebrations that you might want to hold in the party room is by no means definitive. We can also cater for birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and much much more.

So why not pay us a visit and check out our fascinating store of antiques before popping in to enjoy yourself with your friends and loved ones in the party room?